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A unique innovation, a conveyor closed belt turning corners



Going from the standard flat belt system with the rollers and the frame situated beneath the products to a closed belt system where the frame can be attached to the ceiling thereby significantly lowering the space needed for the conveying system. The concept of using a design solution that is commercially available in the heavy duty bulk sector but is not currently used in the food industry.

The closed belt could have a large water saving benefit, for example in the fruit and vegetable handling sector as these items are normally conveyed in water to avoid damage but conveying in closed belts having no transfer points would protect the products without use of water.



A Dropbelt® prototype is currently installed at P. Ellegaard and has been tested succesfully for end-user Danish Crown transporting plastic granules. Danish Crown showed particular interest in the system due to possible savings in internal logistics inside slaughterhouses.

The Dropbelt® prototype has demonstrated, among others:


  • Cost-benefit of the closed belt
  • Usage and performance of the closed belt for food sector
  • Improved hygiene and internal logistics

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