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ScanDrive® IP69K Drum Motor

First drum motor in the World with IP69K approval after intensive testing by DELTA, with the highest energy efficiency and lowest heat dissipation ("cold motor")



We measured heath dissemination, torque, different control boxe and also put the motor through test including 80ºC high pressure water at 80 bars pointed directly at the drum motor while turning 22 RPM. Furthermore the motor has been tested with the so called vacuum test, where talcum combined with internal under pressure (vacuum) potentially will disclose any in coming talcum when the drum motor is disassembled.

Furthermore end-user Danish Crown, where the PM motor was demonstrated, has expressed their interest due to both energy saving, IP69K certification but also the fact that one PM motor can substitute a wide range of motors now being used. This implies that stock of spare motors and spare parts can decrease substantially and is a unique selling point for the new motor.​​



Drum motors have better energy usage than gear motors. In energy usage this means that companies may save up to 100€ per motor annually just by switching from gear motor from drum motor. For a major Danish meat processing plant in Denmark using as many as 2.700 motors in their production, the potential energy savings could be as high as 212.000€/year in primary energy costs as well as 70.000€/year in secondary energy costs (air conditioning) making for a total saving of 282.000€/year.

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