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A unique innovation, a conveyor closed belt turning corners



In cooperation with the DTI (The Danish Technological Institute) a.o. we have developed a concept for transport of material in a closed and protected environment: loading onto an open conveyor belt which then folds during transport to a drop shaped ”pouch”, encloses the application and transports it to the desired destination without contaminating neither the product nor the surrounding production facilities.

The Drop ® Belt conveyor is unique in the way that it has dynamic transport direction enabling it to run corners and descent as well as increase.

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  • Dynamic transport direction (changes direction)
  • Rotates both 90 ° and 180 °
  • No environmental impact on the application
  • No spillage during transport
  • Optimum utilization of the production area


Drop Belt® has endless possibilities not only limited to the food industry:


  • Replacing screw conveyors
  • Adding or refilling during transportation
  • Hygienic and protected transportation
  • Gentle conveying of granules
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