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ScanDrive® IP69K Drum Motor

First drum motor in the World with IP69K approval after intensive testing by DELTA, with the highest energy efficiency and lowest heat dissipation ("cold motor")



​As a direct result of the ongoing development under the Hyecon Project we are now able to deliver ScanDrive® drum motors Ø80-Ø400 mm with IP69K sealing.

The ScanDrive® IP69K drum motors are compact and robust and gives optimum performances under almost any situation and condition.

An IP69K sealing provides the highest possible encapsulation of the drum motor and even greater opportunity to meet the high demands for hygiene and cleaning particularly in the food industry.

Scan Drive® IP69K engines can withstand high pressure, flushing and hot-water cleaning and can operate under extreme conditions without dust or liquid penetrating the drum.



In the IEC 60529 rating system IP6 code refers to the product’s ability to resist ingress of dust. The 9K refers to the product’s ability to resist ingress of high temperature (Steam) and/or high pressure water.

IP69K surpasses the German standard DIN 40050-9 for equipment’s ability to withstand high pressures, high temperatures and strong water stream.


Products rated to IP69K must be able to withstand high-pressure and steam cleaning.

The test specifies a spray nozzle that is fed with 80 °C water at 80–100 bar (~1160-1450) and a flow rate of 14–16 L/min.
The nozzle is held 100–150 mm from the tested device at angles of 0°, 30°, 60° and 90° for 30 seconds each.

The test device sits on a turntable that rotates once every 12 seconds (5 rpm).

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