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Quick Release

Hygienically optimized and integrated fixing system



The Hyecon Quick-Release device is designed for use in wet environments and increases effective cleaning by making belt release quick and easy thus giving excellent access to otherwise “hidden” conveyor parts on the inside of the belt and conveyor.

The Quick-Release also makes conveyor belt removal and replacement swift and problem free guaranteeing perfect belt tension every time.
The device is especially designed for cleaning with high pressure and comes with EHEDG certification.

The Quick-Release is therefore particular suitable for the food industry with focus on high food safety through high hygiene requirements, effective cleaning with minimum consumption of water, chemicals and manpower - or in all types of industries where it is important to
reduce production downtime during cleaning or belt replacement.

• Stainless steel construction (1.4301/AISI 304)
• Food approved elastomers
• EHEDG certified (only full Hyecon solution)
• Easy disassembly and replacement of gaskets
• Adjustment span: 0 - 50 mm

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