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Just a simple easy to understand click-in system for the OEM machine builders in the EU



Acting as supporters for the conveyor belt Hyecon rollers are long lasting with low noise (non-squeaking) bearings and are designed especially for the food
industry with emphasis on high food safety through high hygiene requirements, effective cleaning with minimum consumption of water, chemicals, manpower and time.

The roller casing is extruded in food grade PVC and the roller has injection molded end caps and a fixed and hygienic sealed shaft.

The external bearing brackets is pressed down over pins secured to the carrier frame and can easily be replaced when worn.

The rollers are ”clicked” into the bearing brackets and can easily and quickly be removed.

Alternatively the conveyor frame can be made with bushings where rollers without shafts can be mounted.

The built-in bearing system makes the rollers extremely suitable for use in wet environments. The open external bearings are specially designed for effective cleaning and cleaning with high pressure.

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