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Undine® CIP

Innovative water technology



​Future requeriments for the production of food and beverages and other products will include increased demands for even better hygiene and cleanliness but also increased demands for the reduction of water and energy consumption.

The idea of Undine is simple, its effect huge. Mix water and air in a mixing unit to produce fine droplets. Expel these under high pressure and with very littel water you've created an excellent cleaning method.

The key to the success is the incredible velocity of the tiny droplets: 900km per hour, 6 times faster than traditional high pressure cleaning. Each droplet hammers away the dirt. Each spot on the surface is hit many times finally removing even germs. But each droplet has too little power to damage the surface. Meat and machines remain intact and even soft vegetables survive undamaged.

Undine® gives remarkable results in cost saving, environmental requeriments and product improvement.

  •     Up to 60% on labour costs
  •     Up to 90% on water and energy costs (Depending on application)
  •     Quick and automated cleaning
  •     Shorter changeovers/minimum production loss
  •     Less (chemical) waste effluent
  •     Considerable better cleaning (optical and biological)
  •     Minimal machine and product damage
  •     Minimal aerosol
  •     No blocked nozzles

Please go to for further information and case studies from slaugther houses in the Netherlands.

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